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Help GCAMP Build Your Workforce 

Like you, GCAMP is invested in the future of manufacturing.   Our work is focused on finding, developing, and building manufacturing's future workforce, for the benefit of both the job seekers and the job creators, and we want to make sure that every step we take is pointing us in the right direction.   

Gain Data-Driven Insight

Our New Employee Survey seeks to answer three vital questions: What is bringing new employees to the manufacturing industry? Why are employees choosing specific job opportunities? What are employees' perceptions - good or bad- about manufacturing as a whole? 

With this data, GCAMP will:

  1. Create initiatives that bring more people into industrial careers,
  2. Advise our Champions on how to best "sell" their job opportunities to potential employees,
  3. Understand and combat the stereotypes that hurt the manufacturing sector. 

Start Today

GCAMP's New Employee Survey is open to anyone (full-time, part-time, apprentices, interns) who just kicked off their manufacturing career. 

Eligible employees who complete the survey will receive a $20 digital gift card to either Amazon or Walmart.  

To be eligible, an employee must be at their current job for 6 months or less and working in the manufacturing field for 2 years or less.  

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