Student Tours

student tours

Students Cannot Dream What They Cannot See

It's difficult to understand the manufacturing industry if you have never been inside a manufacturing plant.   

From the outside, it's hard to imagine how robotics, computers, and high speed automation come together to create products at lightning fast speeds, contributing $2.3 trillion dollars annually to the U.S. economy.    It's hard to imagine that the parts being made inside a facility will one day power an electric vehicle, keep a heart beating, or take an astronaut to the moon.   And, finally, it's hard to imagine contributing to an industry that you have never seen.  

Tours Make a Difference!

Going on tours helps many students find their future.


  • Help students make informed decisions about their career paths.
  • Are valuable for students at risk of disengagement.
  • Are especially valuable for disadvantaged students who may suffer from a “lack of both personal and professional network connections and lack of exposure to the world of work.”
  • Can counter gender stereotypes and norms that might deter girls from choosing a career dominated by males.
  • Contextualizes the STEM education that students are learning in the classroom.


"It was great!   Very informational, yet fun!"  - A student from a GCAMP Summer Manufacturing Tour


GCAMP is a Leader in Impactful Manufacturing Tours

GCAMP tours are: 

  • SAFE - GCAMP provides tour guests with headsets that provide needed hearing protection while still allowing the tour guide to be heard.
  • EDUCATIONAL - 98% of students surveyed report having a better understanding of the connections between STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and real-world applications after going on a GCAMP manufacturing tour.
  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - 100% of tour participants (students and adults) would recommend a GCAMP manufacturing tour to a friend.


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