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Tool and Die Apprentice | Apprenticeship | Full-time | $18-20 per hour

Paid working & learning opportunity!


935 N Central Ave
Wood Dale, 60191 IL

Job Description

Guess what???  We have your ticket to a rewarding manufacturing trade career and it requires no prior experience to get started! Wiegel’s certified Tool and Die Apprenticeship Program enrolls apprentices ages 18 years and older to learn the Tool and Die trade while also earning a competitive pay to work the job. 

In this paid learning and working opportunity, you will receive competitive hourly pay for a full-time, M-F schedule and 40-hour-workweek plus employee benefits. You’ll also be enrolled in free trade school classes at the Technology & Manufacturing Association which are 100% paid for by the company. 

Apprentices in the program are trained onsite at our manufacturing HQ location in Wood Dale, IL learning how to construct the tools and dies used to shape and form metal parts during production metal stamping and assembly operations. Students will learn a range of advanced manufacturing technologies and machinery, engage in tool building skills, CAD software and die design, as well as understand principles in machining, blue-print reading, metallurgy, quality controls and metal stamping. 

If all of this sounds interesting to you and you are both mechanically inclined and like working with your hands building and fixing things, then this opportunity might be a good fit for you!

We want you to join our program if you are a high school senior who is considering going into a trade career after graduation or anyone early in your career who hasn’t yet found the right job opportunity and wants to consider a new trade or industry.

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