Now Is the Time to Rethink Training and Internships


Along with everyone else, manufacturing companies were forced to pivot during the pandemic. In order to survive, they made tough decisions and found new ways to do business. In many cases, the solutions they found worked well and are now their preferred way of business. That mentality of problem-solving and finding new approaches should be applied to adapt training, manufacturing programs, and internships.

Gears with the words: Training, Mentoring, Advice, and Motivation. In an article published by Plastics Technology Magazine’s March edition, contributing author Don Smith of Scholle IPN Packaging Inc. (Northlake, Ill.) discusses how the training of current and future generations of manufacturing employees has evolved, pushed by the pandemic crisis. “This time of crisis demanded a creative approach to motivating and training both seasoned and next-generation employees to stay safe and current with technology, processes, culture, and customer service,” Smith writes. He adds that the pandemic caused many businesses that have internships and apprenticeships to take a closer look at how they train overall and to identify what is working and what is not. You can read the full article here.

Gears with the words Training, Mentoring, Advice and Motivation.

So, why should manufacturers invest time and resources to motivate and train interns? The answer is simple; they will reap what they sow. Attracting talent results in highly skilled and motivated contributors to the company—and ultimately the industry as a whole. The way companies motivate and train these bright minds may need to adapt, but the end goal remains the same.

Changing business processes and approaches can be complex and sometimes overwhelming. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be done alone. GCAMP is here to help counsel manufacturing companies about available resources for training and connecting schools and instructors who have manufacturing and STEM programs. We share interesting and relevant content that can help those companies inspire students and get started with training—even during challenging times.

GCAMP knows that each company should find ways that work for them but having an awareness of what other companies are doing to find success can be adapted to any manufacturing program. If you’re in the manufacturing space and are looking for help with this, please reach out to us. GCAMP is here to help you take that first step.

Troy Waldherr

Troy Waldherr

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