2020 Robot Rumble

Students participating in Robot Rumble 2020.

Robot Rumble team members work together to design, prototype, and manufacture functional fighting robots. The various teams expose students to real-world design scenarios and many disciplines. Students competed against a variety of teams from other local high schools in D211 and D214 at the annual Robot Rumble competition.

Funding from the GCAMP grant program established an additional team for competition, as well as strengthening an existing ladies team, and support of a few others. Student interest has increased with the popularity of the program. Many new students become involved each year with most high schools now building 4-6 robots for this competition while learning about the interesting STEM/manufacturing applications of robotics. The total student impact on this event is 400+ students who compete in a 2-day event, which is packed with parent and younger student spectators. CAMP had a table set up with information on manufacturing careers and upcoming events. Between rounds, GCAMP addressed parents about careers, internships, and apprenticeships and was on hand throughout to answer questions. Schaumburg HS was this year’s competition winner. The event is live-streamed online.