Get Involved

We welcome you to get involved as a GCAMP sponsor company and be part of a solution for yourself and other manufacturers. Explore the many benefits of working together whether you can offer your TIME as a GCAMP volunteer, your TALENT by working on a committee, mentorship with students or other manufacturers, or your TREASURE by becoming a sponsor today.

Become a Sponsor

Be part of a proven organization with proven results. Join a coalition encompassing municipal economic developers, secondary education career advisers, career and technical educators, community colleges, workforce boards, private sector manufacturers, and global tool makers.

Your gift of sponsorship to GCAMP, a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization, may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes.

Where the Money Goes

  • High School Girls Project Lead the Way: Robot Rumble Competition
  • Buses to Manufacturing Trade Shows
  • Scholarships to colleges
  • Tours of manufacturing facilities
  • Introduction programs for students and parents
  • Manufacturing Day Activities
  • Classroom speakers
  • Coordinate internship placements with manufacturers and schools
  • Software introducing manufacturing and STEM projects to middle schools
  • Funds for training materials (aluminum, steel, castings, etc.)